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Q.  What can we expect on your tours?

A. We want you to have a great time and hopefully learn something about Craft          Beer while we explore some of the best Breweries and Beer SoCal has to                  offer.
     We aren't running a contest to see who can drink the most Beer, if that's                what you're looking for then our tour probably isn't for you.

Q. Are there any restrictions to taking a tour?
A. You must be 21 with I.D. to take any tour and sign waiver.

Q. Can we bring Beer and a cooler on the bus?
A. Most of the Beer at today's breweries is much higher in alcohol content than          many people are used to drinking so please take that into consideration.
     Great Fresh Beer at the Breweries should be the priority, not canned or                  bottled beer that you can drink anytime.                                                                          We ask that you pace yourselves and enjoy the whole tour.
     If you have too much to drink you risk not being allowed into the breweries          and/or cutoff, no refund will be given.
     If you want to bring a little beer to enjoy on the bus you can do that along              with a smaller sized cooler.

Q. What does all Beer tasters mean? What is a flight or pint* for each person?
A. A flight of Beers/all Beer tasters is usually 4 4oz tasters of each breweries                core beers for each person. If you prefer a glass of a Beer instead of a flight             you can have that. You get approx $25 worth of beer for each person for                   the  tour.  We go to many different Breweries, each has their own                             policies/procedures for flights. Sometimes they are too busy to                                   pour individual flights for groups so we offer a pint* instead.                                       Pint*, the higher the ABV may result in a smaller pour.

Q. How much does a private tour cost?
A. Please see our Private Tour Info page on our website. If you're looking for              something different than what's listed there or if you have a larger group                please contact us for pricing and details.

Q. Do you require a minimum number of people for a private tour?
A. We do have minimums or a minimum price equivalent for our tours.
     LA or SouthBay , 6 person min or price of 6 people Sun thru Friday
     Saturdays are an 8 person minimum or price of 8 for LA or SouthBay
     Mini-Tour 8 person min Sun - Fri, 11 person min on Saturdays
     LA to OC or OC , 8 person min or price of 8 Mon-Thurs, 10 min Fri-Sun
     LA or OC to SD, 10 person min or price of 10 

Q. Do you offer a DD rate?
A. Yes, For a nondrinker we offer $20 off the price.

Q. Do you only go to Breweries or can we go other places?
A. We specialize in breweries and Craft Beer. For Private Tours we can take you          to your choice of Breweries, brewpubs, Craft Beer bars, etc.

Q. Where can you pickup and dropoff, Can we do multiple pickups or dropoffs?
A. For Private tours we can pickup and drop off most anywhere in L.A., O.C. or          Ventura.
     We can do multiple pickup or drop offs but it can add to the cost to your tour          depending on how long that takes.
     For Public tours we have set pickup and drop off points, those are listed on            our website well in advance.

Q. What's included in your tours?
A. We include a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide, a flight or a pint for                each person at all 3 Breweries and safe transportation along with bottled                water on the bus. We also include an actual Brewery tour at one of the                    stops based on availability. 

Q. Is there food at the Breweries?
A. Some of the Breweries serve food, for those that don't sometimes there are            food trucks and/or menu's of nearby places that will deliver to the                            Breweries.
     You can also take food or snacks into almost all of the Breweries. 

Q. Can we bring food on the bus?
A. Yes but it's better to take food into the Breweries and sit down and eat while          enjoying some Beer. If you have to eat on our bus we ask that you try not to            leave it too messy, if that happens an additional cleanup fee may apply.

Q. Can we play our own music on the bus?
A. Absolutely, our bus has an auxiliary cord that reaches anywhere in the bus.

Q. How many people can you take on a tour?
A. We can accommodate up to 80 people with advance notice but that  is also              dependent on where and when you'd like to go.